Sauces and Tomato puree


Cooking is an act of love

Big emotions come from the little joys of life. That’s why our nickel free Passata di Cuore di Bue is the refined synthesis between bucolic heritage and agricultural avant-garde. Our tomatoes emanate the true essence of life, because they are cultivated with extreme care and harvested with love. They are the bright red of a never-ending love, a rich perfume to bring to the table daily to pay homage to the Earth and to the pleasure of sharing. They embody the hard work of a family that works with dedication to leave everyone speechless.
The scent of our ready sauces is the arpeggio of sounds, perfumes, and colors that create a unique symphony. They are the result of the man that discovers nature, a magical meeting happened both by chance and passion. From the burning red peppers harvested with care, to the fresh tuna and the vivacious taste of chili peppers, our sauces are seasoned with refined ingredients which taste like home, Sundays, and family.


Valgiò Sauces and Tomato Purees: poems of an ancient romance

In order to appreciate every note of our flavored sauces and nickel-free tomato purees you need to enjoy them in the company of your loved ones. As Italians, we believe there is no better perfume than the one of a freshly made tomato puree, and that no sound better resembles the notes of our house as a sauce slowly cooking in a pan. Through our products, we try to offer you an extrasensory experience that goes beyond taste, an adventure able to delight and stimulate all your senses, to let you appreciate the joy of the little things which are too often underrated or overseen in the frenetic daily life.


  • Nickel-free Cuore di Bue tomato puree
  • Handmade dried peppers sauce
  • Handmade sauce “alla contadina”
  • Handmade tuna and capers sauce
  • Handmade chili peppers sauce

Behind every product there is a story to discover

From day one at Valgiò we have put all our energies into conquering your heart, always offering you healthy and tasty products. Our goal is to manage our business in the most respectful way for the environment while guaranteeing job opportunities to needy young workers who wish to have a second chance in life, and who can find it in this ancient profession that follows the rhythm of nature.


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