“La Ricca” Sauce of Cuore di Bue Tomatoes x 6


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6 x “La Ricca” Sauce of Cuore di Bue Tomatoes, 310gr

Cuore di Bue tomatoes, aromatic herbs, onion and salt.

Nickel Free. Certified presence of nickel below 0.000040 mg / g
We use Hydroponic Cultivation for our tomatoes. FIND OUT MORE

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Energy 217 kJ/52 kcal
Fats 0.88 g of which saturated 0.02 g
Carbohydrates 8.24 g of which sugars 5.07 g
Proteins 1.31 g
Fibers 2.71 g
Salt 0.40 g

Product processed in compliance with the H.A.C.C.P. standards. It does not derive from genetically modified organisms. There are no allergens in the ingredients that make up the raw material.

After opening store in a cool, dry place. Store in the refrigerator (0 / + 4 °C) after opening and consume within 2/3 days.

Sulphite reducing anaerobes <10 ufc/g “ISO 15213”
Clostridium perfringens <10 ufc/g “ISO 7937
Yeast and Mould <10 ufc/g ISO 21527:2-2008
Salmonella spp. Absent in 25 g “ISO 6579”
Listeria monocytogenes UNI EN Iso 11290 – 1:2005  Absent in 25 g
Escherichia coli Beta -glucuronidasi positivi Assente <10 ufc/g ISO 16649-2: 2010
Clostridi producers of botulinum toxins  Absent in 25 g (n=5, c=0) L.283/1962, art.5 C.P. art. 444
Bacillus cerrus presunto metodo ISO 7932  < 10 ufc/g
Botulinum toxins Not detectable in 25 g (n=5, c=0) L.283/1962, art.5 C.P. art. 444
Total aflatoxins <10 ppb    Regulation (UE) No.105/2010″
 Aflatoxin B1 <5 ppb  Regulation (UE) No.105/2010
 Ochratoxin A <15 µg/kg  Regulation (UE) No.105/2010″

Products that grow from the earth to reach your palate and conquer your heart.

We offer job opportunities to disadvantaged people.

Care and attention for the highest product quality.

Hydroponics: quality and respect for the environment

At Valgiò, we want to touch our clients’ heart with our healthy and tasty products. Our passion lies in the very products we cultivate every day with care and with a special consideration for nature and our environmental impact.

Hydroponic cultivations are safe in terms of both quality and sanitary conditions of the final product. This is how we grow our savory Cuore di Bue tomatoes, and this is how we make our nickel free sauces.