Remaining loyal to land and tradition

Since ancient times, housewives have prepared homemade preserves to ensure vegetables could be eaten all year long. This is a story full of tradition and love for the products of the ground, which has been handed down from one generation to another as the most popular and fascinating fairy tale. To guarantee the best, at Valgiò we use ingredients of the finest quality, cultivated and harvested carefully and then placed in thousands of jars that will preserve their essence and flavors.

Our preserves are the result of a quest for high quality and superior taste which privileges and cherishes tradition. We work to make sure that your pantry always stores some of these ancient flavors and that you can enjoy the pleasure of traditional homemade specialties at any time. After all, we would not call them preserves if they did not contain anything inestimable to be preserved.

Small jars, big emotions

In the past, the techniques used for the preservation of food were limited to salting, drying, and smoking. These techniques allowed people to preserve and transport only meat and fish, while for other foodstuffs it was difficult to avoid their spoiling. It is through jars that mankind managed to produce preserves as we know them today!

Before preserving vegetables, Valgiò aims to preserve quality, sealing all the flavors of our raw materials inside every jar. Peppers, eggplants, artichokes, tomatoes, onions, and olive paté: the best protagonists of a timeless story that are always at your disposal to gladden your palate and that of your guests.
Our preserves are the herald of the ancient tradition of Salento, and they hold the magnificence of this charming area inside them, to pamper you every time you wish.

High quality originates from a story of pure love

At Valgiò, we use tested ingredients of the highest quality. The products used for our preserves come directly from our gardens, which are cultivated by willing young workers with care and dedication. Our goal is to provide job opportunities, produce while minimizing our environmental footprint, and offer you high quality products with a unique and priceless taste.


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