Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility


Ethics and Sustainability

Valgiò is an agrarian company with a social purpose that creates high-quality products using innovative cultivation techniques. Our aim is to produce minimizing our environmental footprint and providing job opportunities to young workers willing to have a second chance in life.
Through work, we help people to reintegrate in our society. We do so by teaching them an ancient job that follows the cycle of nature. Our profits are reinvested in social activities that we promote on our territory.


Valgiò is a brand of AMMP Giorgio Valsania Onlus, an Association that for over 15 years has been dedicated to offering assistance to people having a hard time in the current troublesome economic context.

Values and Objectives

At the basis of our agricultural production there is our desire to convey the high quality of our products, without overlooking the values, stories, and emotions that are the foundations of our company. Everything is managed with high attention to details from sowing to harvesting, from our innovative hydroponic technique to the packaging of our products.

Everything originates from the Earth and from its colors, and it is through the latter that we can chromatically highlight all the peculiarities of every product. Even the slightest shade is fundamental to create, together with our passion, something unique.


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