Innovative Technologies


Innovative Technologies


Technologies for optimization

At Valgiò we have always looked for new ways to streamline our cultivations and for sustainable solutions that would ensure the highest quality for our products. Some of the agronomic practices we employ include:

  • Manure and minimum tillage
  • Mulch: it consists in covering the soil with a layer of material that impedes weed growth, keeps soil moisture, protects the soil from erosion and from excessive rainfalls, avoids the formation of the superficial crust, reduces compaction, maintains soil structure and raises its temperature.

Hydroponics: the technique for the highest product quality

It is a soilless cultivation process where soil is substituted with an inert substratum. Plants are watered via a computerized irrigation system that constantly brings water and all the nutritional elements which are necessary for the proper development of plants.

More specifically, it is important to know that:
– Hydroponics uses 80% less water
– At Valgiò we use pollinating insects like bumblebees
– All useful insects for the plants allow us to reduce the use of pesticides – in this respect, we were awarded the INOQ certification

Hydroponics allows us to keep control over our gardens, both in a qualitative and sanitary perspective, throughout the year. We grow our nickel free tomatoes through this process, and residents in the areas around our company can purchase them directly from our greenhouses.

Nickel free Cuore di Bue tomato puree

At Valgiò, we want to touch our clients’ heart with our healthy and tasty products. Our passion lies in the very products we cultivate every day with care and with a special consideration for nature and our environmental impact.

Hydroponic cultivations are safe in terms of both quality and sanitary conditions of the final product. This is how we grow our savory Cuore di Bue tomatoes, and this is how we make our nickel free sauces.