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Agriculture done by the book

In 2006, Giorgio Valsania passed away. He was a teenager, a son, a brother, a friend, a student with an entire life to live. A car accident put an end to the destiny he was writing for himself, and Valgiò was founded in his memory. It represents the means through which his family turned pain into purpose, following Giorgio’s idea that “love never dies, it evolves“.

This vision lives at the heart of our company and has shaped our actions from the very beginning: we have turned that love into our effort to help families in need and to support young, marginalized individuals with a troubled past by employing them.

Innovative technologies

Our products are made with fresh ingredients, grown through hydroponics. This is a soilless cultivation technique in which plants are watered via a computerized irrigation system that constantly brings water and all the nutritional elements which are necessary for the proper development of plants. Hydroponics allows us to keep control over our gardens, both in a qualitative and sanitary perspective, throughout the year. Our tomato puree is in fact nickel free.

Social Gardens

Our Social Gardens Project was conceived by the AMMP Caselle Giorgio Valsania Association, which was founded in memory of our beloved Giorgio. “Valgiò” stems from his name, and we aim at promoting responsible innovation and sharing in the high-quality agricultural sector and in the field of social inclusion policies. We want to associate the productive aspect of our company to the integration of needy workers in the job market.


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