Organic Products

At the Heart of Agriculture

Organic Products

At the Heart of Agriculture

Don’t give up on taste and tradition: treat yourself with our Organic Products!

Respecting the environment and helping needy young workers to reinstate in the labor market are the pillars at the foundations of our business model.

This is why we have decided to launch our line of organic products, which contributes to our differentiation efforts and strengthens our environmental responsibility. In fact, we recognize the importance of the natural resources that we employ in our value chain and we are strongly committed to valorizing the natural and human capital at our disposal. Our Valgiò BIO offer includes:

Jams & Preserves
Extra virgin olive oil

Good and healthy products, from our greenhouses to your table

The Valgiò BIO Products are made using natural ingredients, sourced in a socially and economically responsible way. We employ reduced quantities of fertilizers and pesticides to enhance our respect for nature and for the human body. We also work to incentivize people to follow a healthy diet to safeguard the common well-being and the ecosystems that surround us.

Valgiò organic plantations make use of innovative processes whose cornerstone is the respect for the natural lifecycle of plants. Organic cultivations represent an increasingly widespread productive model, and are crucial in the fight against climate change. We put our passion, our expertise, and our best intentions in delivering the most sustainable products to you.

Cooking has never tasted so good! Prepare delicious dishes in the blink of an eye thanks to our Valgiò BIO Sauces!

Are you still wondering why you should eat organic food? We have an answer for all your questions! Organic products bring many benefits to our organism, reinforcing the immune system, reducing the risk of developing cardiac pathologies, favoring weight loss, and improving sleep.

Thanks to the magic contained in our tiny and graceful glass jars, you will have the chance to experiment and have fun in your kitchen on a daily basis. Serve your guests, your family, and yourself original courses, delicious pasta and tasty quiches that contain neither pesticides nor harmful substances.

Among the most important motives for which you should choose our Valgiò BIO Sauces, we can surely list the following ones:

  • The tomatoes we use to prepare our sauces are full of nutrients, and specifically they contain vitamin C, antioxidants, minerals, potassium, phosphorus and folate.
  • Our sauces contain no pesticides, which are harmful for the brain and for nervous cells
  • Choosing our sauces means supporting our mission to reduce water pollution, safeguard the environment and improve living conditions for all living beings.
  • All our sauces taste better than many other alternatives available on the market

In a nutshell, to discover the superior taste and benefits of a biologic diet all you need to do is serving delicious dishes prepared with the unique natural touch of our Valgiò BIO Sauces. Get ready to experience a new definition of sublimity: discover now our entire organic offer!

Here’s why so many people have chosen our organic products!

The Valgiò BIO offer is not only good for people who have allergies or food intolerances. Buying our products means caring for your health and reducing your environmental footprint. At Valgiò, we transform our love for agriculture and immense passion for our job into quality products with authentic taste, blending the flavors of the soil with masterfully selected ingredients that contain no additives nor preservatives. We do so because we care about the quality of life of every living being, and we keep this principle at the center of our operations, both at the office and on the fields.

All the Valgiò BIO products are 100% GMO free, meaning that they do not contain transgenic ingredients. Our fruits and vegetables are grown according to their seasonality, respecting their natural lifecycle. Moreover, part of the profits coming from the sale of our Valgiò BIO products are reinvested to support the operations of firms active in the social economy in Italy.

With Valgiò you do good to yourself and to others.