Rarer and brighter than melted gold

All the real EVO oil entusiasts know how important it is to learn to recognize the quality of oil. Fluidity, smell, and taste are all important elements to investigate when trying to assess the quality of this condiment. If your oil is not very fluid, and if by smelling it you can sense scents of olive, herb, fruits and vegetables, then it is higly likely that your oil is a good one. And if it also has a slightly bitter yet delicate and pleasant taste, then you can be sure that your oil is a high-quality one!

If you have never encountered a union of characteristics as the ones just described, it is time to dare and choose our Extra Virgin Olive Oil!


Produced with the best technology, preserving the tradition of a boundless art

Every course should be seasoned with the proper oil, as it is important to enhance the taste of each single ingredient. The strength of our EVO oil is in its versatility, a characteristic which lends our product appeal and fame and that is guaranteed by the thorough attention that we employ in selectin our olives.

The Valgiò EVO oil is the perfect union between quality and sustainability, the unique bond you have been searching for to give your cuisine a prestigious touch.


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