Nickel Free Products


Nickel Free Products


Agriculture done by the book with nickel free products

We set the standard high when it comes to the quality of our production. This is because we want to allow everybody to enjoy the intense pleasure of the good cuisine.

Commonly grown tomatoes absorb great quantities of nickel, which makes them incompatible with a nickel free diet. Fortunately, thanks to our hydroponic cultivations, most of our preserves and especially our Passata di Cuore di Bue are made using fruits and vegetables exclusively grown out of the soil. Thanks to this technique, we can guarantee high quality, genuine, fresh, and nickel free products that can favor the well-being of the people who have developed an allergy or food intolerance to this metal.

Nickel Free Products: from hydroponic cultivation to authentic, controlled, and successful production

From hydroponic cultivation to bottling, all the steps of our work are constantly monitored to ensure we provide a wide range of uniquely flavored nickel free products with no additives nor preservatives.

The Passata di Cuore di Bue is one of the most representative images of our company: our flagship product conceived and realized to prevent an allergy to nickel from depriving you of some of the principal delicacies of the Italian cuisine.

We do the same things that others do, but we do them better and at a greater scale

As other producers, we bring nickel free products to your table, but we do so with small yet substantial differences that are embedded in the prices of our whole production: from the quality of the ingredients we grow, to the respect of the environment reflected in our hydroponic plant, to the profits that are reinvested to support solidarity projects on the Italian territory.

With Valgiò you do good to yourself and to others.