Jams and Marmelades


Jams and Marmelades


Rediscover the pleasure of snack time as it once was

History and tradition blend to make you experience a unique moment full of perfumes, colors, and flavors from the tradiitonal Italian cuisine. Once again together, genuineness and simplicity meet thanks to the fruits and citrus of our garden, grown with love to make you always feel like a kid.

For us at Valgiò, it is indispensable to convey the high quality of our products without overlooking the values, stories, and emotions which are the foundations of our mission.

With our jams you will rediscover the pleasure of a healthy and tasteful snack that will enrich your breaks, and to which you will no longer be able to say no.

Valgiò Jams: different in flavors, equivalent in taste and quality

Even if they are often erroneusly used as synonyms, jams and marmelades are not the same. In fact, marmelades are fruit preserves made with citrus fruits and sugar, where the former represent at least 20% of the total weight of the product. When we talk about jams, instead, we refer to fruit preserves made with any other kind of fruit – apart from citrus ones.

Regardless of etymology, at Valgiò you will find Jams and Marmelades that are prepared with fruits of the highest quality. Our careful and attentive selection can guarantee that you will always enjoy a breakfast and a snack time like a king.

Shades of the Earth: the chromatic representation of a timeless love

Everything originates from the Earth and from its colors, and it is through the latter that we can chromatically highlight all the peculiarities of every product. Even the slightest shade is fundamental to create, together with our passion, something unique. This is the secret of our jams: a soft and delicious heart that conquers every palate.