Do some good
with Valgiò

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Do some good
with Valgiò

All proceeds from sales are reinvested in support of solidarity activities that we activate in the Piedmont area.

Agriculture as an art

Our products are made with fresh ingredients that are grown through hydroponic cultivation.

With Valgiò, you can bring the true flavors of the earth to your table, and enjoy our good stories that would be difficult to tell with words.

Healthy and Genuine Products

We offer a wide range of products, for each of which Valgiò guarantees the use of tested and highest quality ingredients. A guarantee of unparalleled quality and goodness.


The fine line between passion and work

Valgiò is an agricultural company with a social purpose that creates excellent agricultural products using cutting-edge cultivation techniques. Our intent is to produce while minimizing our environmental impact and, at the same time, giving job opportunities to young people in need of redemption.

Through work, we help these people to re-integrate into society, rediscovering an ancient craft that follows the rhythms of nature. The proceeds from the sale are reinvested in support of social activities that we activate in our area.

Social Gardens

The Social Gardens project was born from the AMMP Caselle Giorgio Valsania Association, in memory of the young Giorgio Valsania. Our products are made by young people who have found in agriculture a means to redeem themselves, learning to cultivate and rediscovering a profession that follows the rhythms of nature, in full respect of environmental sustainability.


Good stories that go straight to people’s hearts

At Vagliò, have always aimed to get straight to the heart of our customers, guaranteeing healthy and tasty products. Our passion lies in the products themselves that we grow, every day, with care.

Love comes from the earth, and with our professionalism it is transformed until it reaches the homes of our customers, that choose and prefer goodness and authenticity even and above all at the table.


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